the age of aquarius & the new work paradigm.

astrology spirituality Mar 02, 2024

By Corey Barsic Tielman

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius… You know it. You know the song. To the esoterically minded, this song isn’t just a 70s classic or a pop culture concept. It’s real and it’s starting right now with the astrology of 2024.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Age of Aquarius and more importantly, what it means for your career.

the main event: pluto in aquarius.

A major moment in 2024’s astrology is the long-awaited arrival of Pluto in the sign of Aquarius. Pluto in Aquarius is an event that is 250 years in the making, occurring at a time when humanity is more Aquarian than ever. Innovations like social media, A.I. and cryptocurrency are woven into the fabric of our modern culture, while ancient (mostly Eastern) spiritual and esoteric practices are rapidly rising in popularity in the West.

Pluto is astrology’s outermost planet and rules big themes like transformation, destruction, rebirth, renewal and power. When Pluto moves the collective feels it, and for the next 20 years we’ll feel it transform into the Aquarius archetype by empowering innovation, higher intelligence and freedom for the collective. Pluto’s energy can be dark and intense at times but overall it is profoundly regenerative. It shines light on the dark to restore power imbalances and in Aquarius, that power is returning to the people.

While astrologers are torn on the exact “date” the Age of Aquarius begins, many believe it begins now with Pluto’s arrival into Aquarius.

If we embrace it, we can initiate the Age of Aquarius in 2024. It can be humanity’s renaissance. It can bring paradigm-shifting change that awakens our global consciousness giving us a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create a better, freer and fairer Earth.

what can we expect?

As the sign of freedom and human rights, Pluto will shine a light on the places in which we are and are not “free” — most especially for marginalised communities with the aim of liberation from harmful and extractive power structures.

With Pluto being the planet of (r)evolution, we can expect a massive tech revolution, alongside a people’s revolution to reclaim civil liberties. Since Aquarius is the sign ruling both science and spirituality, we can expect the new era to empower and energise these topics. It may even initiate the crossing of these paths. Spiritual technologies like astrology (Aquarius rules astrology) are likely to gather fast momentum or gain mainstream relevance through new technological innovations.

As the sign of authenticity, we’ll each be invited to illuminate just how much we embody and express our True Self, alongside examining where we keep ourselves small and disempowered. Many of us may feel a sudden urge to follow a new path that feels radically true to our soul, breaking free from all that isn’t.

On a personal level, the events are largely dependent on our unique natal chart. Regardless, being willing to embrace Pluto’s process offers each of us a chance to rise. We are having our very own phoenix moment — evolving into our biggest, boldest, full-spectrum Self.

what does this have to do with my career?

Let’s not forget where Pluto has been before entering Aquarius. For the past 15 years Pluto has transited through Capricorn, who rules all things career. Capricorn is the sign of success, legacy, hierarchy and hard work. Since it also rules government and capitalism, Pluto’s “power” belonged to the Powers That Be during this time.

Through it all, we saw the global financial crisis in 2008 and the pandemic in late 2019. Billions of people hustled their way through scarcity into burnout land, taking a massive hit to their personal freedoms and power while social hierarchies became more disparate than ever.

But, the Pluto in Capricorn era did deliver on its promise: A rebirth of capitalism. Its gifts were the e-business boom, the rise of the online entrepreneur and the working from home revolution — all unprecedented, liberating innovations in the realm of work. To energetically “complete” the Pluto in Capricorn era and enter the Aquarian Age, I would take a two-pronged approach:

  1. Building upon the stable career foundations Capricorn helped us form over the past
    15 years
  2. Clearing away the remnants of inauthentic, unsustainable or disempowering career dynamics from that time

As we shift gears to an era that prioritises impact just as much as profit, we’ll have the chance to access agency and power to create truly authentic lives. Where we get to design careers that honour our unique needs, gifts and skills. My most heartfelt invitation to you is to borrow this strategy so that you land in your very own Aquarian Age.

how can we embrace the process?

When it comes to the inherent power dynamics of the workplace and our career trajectory, you’ll find Pluto there.

  • Just get curious. Illuminate how free you feel to embody your authentic Self there
  • Look at where your career has empowered (and disempowered) you
  • Embrace gentle behavioural changes that reclaim your agency
  • Seek mentors and peers who embrace an approach that’s equal parts strategic and spiritual to help you align to the progressive Aquarian energy
  • Embrace Aquarian modalities and esoteric experiences — like astrology — to be guided by your authentic compass while staying attuned to the energy of the time
  • Dive into your North Node in your natal chart to anchor into your soul-aligned path

hi i’m corey — offline's resident north node guide.

I’m an Aquarian ex-HR advisor turned astrologer. I’d love to help you harness the power of your authentic blueprint as you do your most impactful, purposeful work in the Aquarian Age. For the cosmically curious, my course Discover Your Blueprint teaches you to apply your chart’s cosmic codes to create soul-aligned success. You can find me on Instagram @natural.astrology.