do you want to create a life that feels spacious, supportive & true?

It starts with making contact with your True Self.

take me there.

we are evolving beyond hustle culture.

The Girl Boss era hurt more of us than it helped, and we are ready to evolve beyond this exhausting idea of success.

we no longer want to live beyond our limits.

Instead, we want to feel soft in our lives, our relationships and our work, and we want to honour our needs.

but how do we do this?

How do we cultivate the courage to turn our backs on a version of success many of us have spent our adult lives moving in the direction of?

itโ€™s simpler than you might think.

We make contact with our True Self and allow that part of us to lead the way we live, love and work.

what you'll learn in this 2-hour audio course.

paying our respects.

An acknowledgement that this wisdom is universal and it is all of ours to learn and embody because we are this wisdom. 

what you really are.

What I really am? Don’t you mean who I really am? This lesson is the shift in perspective that evolves lives. 

who you are.

With a base understanding of what you really are, it’s time to explore how that informs who you are in this lifetime.

what you're not.

This is the "shedding" lesson. This is where we create some sacred space between your Not Self and your True Self.

why you're here.

We’ve got the what, the who and not down. Now let’s go deeper on the why. Why are you really here? 

making contact.

Now that you understand the concept of True Self, it’s time to explore how to make contact with that part of you.

conscious compass.

Put pen to paper. My Conscious Compass is designed to help you define your most truthful way of living and being. 

the role of our work.

Where does our career fit into all of this? This lesson explores the role and relevance of our work within our life.

what now?

Learning this knowledge can move us into intentional action and spark progressive change. Now you know, now what?

what to read.

Access to my thoughtful list of recommended reading. This list has been carefully nurtured and curated over 15 years.

when you make contact with your true nature, you also make contact with your purpose & your place in the world.

about alison.

Alison Rice is a multiple award-winning leader, mentor and conscious career coach. She's also the host Offline, The Podcast — an acclaimed self development podcast that helps people explore True Self and conscious success. 

alison's instagram.

are you ready to get soft & feel true?


There's just under two hours of content spread over nine short audio lessons.

You can listen in one afternoon or choose to study slowly, listening to a lesson a day. Whatever feels good for you.

Yes. When you purchase the course, you'll receive an email prompting you to log in to this website. Upon logging in, you will be able to access the entire course. 

No. Once you've purchased the course, you have lifetime access to it. To note, though, we politely retain the right to update and evolve the course in the years to come.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and believe this course will help you on your way, please email [email protected] to connect with Alison.


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