Make Contact With Your True Self, Align to Your Purpose & Redefine Your Success

take me there.

you are evolving. just by being here and considering this course, you have grown.

I created this two-hour, online course to help you move in the direction of a more true and aligned professional reality. The knowledge in this course will help you better understand the truth of what you are, your individual energy, gifts, and skills, and how you might be able to use those things to serve. To make an impact. I really believe this course is a pathway to professional peace. — Alison xo

about alison.

Alison Rice is a multiple award-winning leader, mentor and conscious career coach. She also hosts Offline, The Podcast — an acclaimed self development podcast that helps people explore True Self and conscious success. 

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what you'll learn in this online course.

true self

What that means and how to make contact with yours.

not self

Your conditioning, limiting beliefs and your stories. 

the ego

And the inner workings of you that inform your identity. 

your gifts

Exercises that will bring forward your unique gifts.

your purpose

Exercises that will direct you to your purpose and calling.

move forward

A tool that will help you move forward with integrity.

define success

Define your idea of success using my formula. 

spiritual knowledge

That will make you feel peaceful and grounded.

a beautiful learning experience.

In the 10 months I spent developing this course, my North Star has been delivering not only the knowledge that will help you, but also a beautiful and connected learning experience. This online course features considered video and audio lessons produced at a high quality, and also beautifully designed worksheets to guide your written Self Reflection.


do you want to make your existence relevant and leave your mark on the world?

We aren't here to climb corporate ladders and acquire lots of things. We are here to have experiences, to grow, and help the evolution of all things. We can earn a healthy living on our own terms and with our integrity intact. This online course will help you move in the direction of a more aligned professional reality, so you can make your existence relevant, feel useful and leave your mark on the world.

what students are saying.

"This course arrived in my life with divine timing. I had been struggling to truly understand who I am, how I work best, and what direction to take my business in, and Make Contact With Your True Self was able to not only erase my worries, but put me on a path of purpose and living from a place of True Self. Alison is a gentle, nurturing guide who shares so many bouts of wisdom, while also encouraging us as students to forge our own knowledge base, starting from within. I recommend this course to anyone who is seeking clarity or to better understand themselves. I look forward to revisiting this course over and over again, as part of my lifelong connection to Self."


"The course has helped me break free from the person others expect me to be, and instead discover who I really am. I’ve shifted my perception of success and have decided to apply to go back to school to get my masters degree in creative writing and literature. I no longer look at material things as bearing so much importance in my life and I now understand the tentpoles that underpin what defines me. After 28 years, I’m proud of who I am and understand I have unique talents and gifts that I want to share with the world through creative writing. "


"I have just completed lesson five. Well actually, to be honest I am halfway through my letter to myself but I felt compelled to stop and write this to you. In my letter I wrote freely, explored my values and my purpose and I wrote my new business model down. Then a lightbulb turned on. My business is a direct representation of my values, ethics and purpose from this Self Study course. I could tick five out of my six life and work values in my new business model! So much so that one of the words I used as one of my core values is the new name of my business! I resonated with it so much. I wouldn’t have gotten there without your course, I know that for a fact. The excitement for this business is something I now know comes from a place of true connection to the purpose. I can see the force of the change now that life is returning to normal and I am making new decisions I would not have been able to get to without your soft guidance. I know I will jump back in and listen to your course again as I change and as I need grounding and direction in life. Thank you for taking the time to develop this course. "


"I've been doing [the course] and the revelations I've had surrounding my career, purpose and how I can use that to benefit the world has been profound. I was struggling so much with where to put my attention and finding where I fit in the world and through your guidance I feel that everything is so much clearer now. I cannot thank you enough."

amanda s.

"When I started this course, I was at a stage in my life where I was feeling really deflated. I couldn't figure out what it was that I was meant to do in this world. A lot of personal patterns as to why I've been unable to figure this out appeared in the first lesson, and from then on I was hooked. Throughout the course, I had many revelations surrounding my purpose, who I am at my core, and how I could use all of this to serve others. I want to thank you for opening my eyes and allowing me — for the first time in my life — to truly understand who I am on a deeper level and how I can live my life in true alignment with self. To anybody who is wanting to learn more about themselves on a spiritual level or struggling to find their career path, I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Put your trust in Alison, she will not let you down. "


"Your decision to offer this course at an affordable price is not only incredible for equitable reasons but it has been such a gift to me in this stage of my life. I felt that most of my answers were things I already knew deep down but having to put them on paper and reflect on the questions really made them stand out much clearer. Two days before I completed the final lesson, I had a moment of realisation of what I truly wanted to do with my life. It all just sort of fell into place and I worked it out on my own. When I completed the final lesson, it was just astonishing to see reflected back at me, the pathway I had just come to realise even more solidified as relevant to my Conscious Compass. If it wasn’t for your course, and me putting the time into completing the content and engaging in self reflection, I truly don’t think I would have had the light bulb moment. Being honest with yourself and peeling back layers is hard, but this exercise was something of a rebirth and I felt my true personality shine through and I wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed of her anymore, I was proud of my uniqueness. Feeling lost and unsure of yourself is hard. I stepped away from my path when I was 23 out of fear of judgement from others and due to the need to be seen as successful in the corporate world rather than for what was truly me. Your message and your course has helped me come full circle and realise the actions I have taken and the decisions I have made were all in favour of my Not Self, which is why I have been so unhappy and restless the past few years. I now understand my ways thinking and can confidently step into my future knowing who I am at my True Self and what I am meant to do with my life. "


"I am a big believer in trusting the universe and the right people and experiences come into your life exactly when you need them. This could not be truer of Self Study. At the start of each year I intuitively pick a word that becomes my theme and this year it was surrender. I was however finding it hard to break my old patterns and stories and give myself the space for this. That was until I started Self Study. It gave me the framework and guidance that I needed to ask questions of myself that I was afraid to do so on my own. It wasn't easy, and after lesson 3 felt a lot of resistance to keep going, but I did and am so thankful. This is a beautiful tool for anyone who is ready to evolve but needs some help along the way. "


"I think absolutely everybody could benefit from studying this course. It is the perfect foundation for self work. It really challenged me to reflect on my life, to be present and connect with my truth, and then redefine aspects of my life to honour my True Self. The lessons, content and worksheets are something I will continue to come back to — to learn from and reflect on throughout my journey."


"This course made me think more about myself and who I am than I ever have before. It helped me acknowledge how some of my preconceived thoughts about who I am, were getting in the way of who I actually am and want to be today. I recommend this course for anyone who is feeling stuck or lost, or really, for anyone who has never paused to reflect on who they are. It will also help you better understand your approach to navigating the many different situations life throws your way."


are you ready to align to your unique purpose?

it is possible to feel successful and useful.

And I want to assure you that the success is sweeter when you achieve it not only on your own terms, but as an expression of your soul. Alison xo


There's just over two hours of course content, spread over five lessons. Depending on how long you take with each Self Reflection exercise, the course will take a minimum of two-and-a-half hours to complete. Many students choose to study slowly, completing a lesson and exercise each day for five days.

Yes. When you purchase the course, you'll receive an email containing a login to OFFLINE™'s website. Upon logging in, you will be able to access the entire course. 

No. Once you've purchased the course, you have lifetime access to it.

Anyone who feels like they lack purpose and direction. Before taking the course, students often describe themselves as feeling a bit lost and lacking a clear professional pathway. The course is also relevant for business owners who want to elevate their business' why, and develop their understanding of True Self so they can lead and strategise more consciously. 

Not for this offering. If you are experiencing financial hardship and believe this course will help you on your way, please email [email protected] to connect with Alison.


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