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"Dearest you. Offline is a self development offering that exists to help you make contact with your True Self so you can align to your purpose and succeed on your own terms."

alison rice, founder.


Self Study is a series of considered online courses dedicated to putting us in touch with the deepest, truest part of ourselves so we can succeed consciously.



Creative and explorative personal coaching sessions designed to empower those defining what it means to create and succeed from the seat of True Self.



Where Offline's community connect in person to share and expand. National workshops, intimate women's circles, live episode recordings and retreats. 



Raw and honest conversations about True Self with the people behind our favourite Instagram accounts, and the teachers who help us on our way.



A considered selection of Offline merch and spiritual tools sourced by Alison, to help deepen our True Self practices and the Self Study learning experience.


it started as a podcast...

In 2018, award-winning leader, mentor and conscious coach, Alison Rice, started a podcast called Offline. She wanted to have raw and honest conversations about True Self with the people behind our favourite Instagram accounts and the teachers who help us on our way.

& turned into a pathway.

Hundreds of thousands of listens later and a sold-out national tour, Offline is much more than a podcast. Today, Offline is a self development offering dedicated to helping people make contact with their True Self, so they can align to their unique purpose and begin to succeed consciously.

the offering.

An intentional podcast, conscious career coaching, online courses, an e-shop offering Offline merch and spiritual tools that deepen our True Self practices, and Offline Experiences — an events program that includes live episode recordings, intimate women's circles, workshops and retreats.

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