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Join award-winning leader & one of Australia’s most in-demand conscious business mentors, Alison Rice, to learn how to build a purpose-driven & profitable service-based business that nourishes you.


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✺ calling in the emerging & established service providers.

serve is a 12-week business incubator for emerging service-led entrepreneurs — practitioners, teachers, coaches, mentors, consultants, advisors, creatives and service providers of all kinds — and established entrepreneurs who have already taken the leap but need deeper support to build a profitable business that can comfortably and consistently pay them what they are worth.

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✺ purpose + profit.

Anyone can create a brand, build a website and start offering their services, but it takes a strong foundation, structure, strategy and accountability to turn that brand into a profitable business.

And that's what Alison is offering through serve — the step-by-step process to creating a relevant, culturally aware, spiritually intelligent brand and a profitable business that can meet you in the season you're in.

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✺ create a service-based business that gives you freedom.

Goodbye Girl Boss. The new era of entrepreneurship is here and it's service-led, life-giving and seasonal.

We are not here to work more than we live or to be contained to a rigid 9-5 schedule that leaves us very little free time to follow our bliss. 

We are here to experience everything our one, big life has to offer and to contribute to the evolution of all things along the way. 

The system we've been conditioned to subscribe to simply can't support our fullness and our wholeness. It can't move with the natural and intrinsic seasons and cycles that exist within a diverse and expressed life.

So it's time to build our own system. It's time to believe in our innate resourcefulness and our ability to successfully work for ourselves.

✺ learn from one mentor doing it today.

We have officially reached information overload. Instagram and TikTok are flooded with business coaches and marketing "gurus" promising $10k months. The advice is often conflicting and lacks the nuance required to capture high quality leads and convert followers into clients.  

It's so normal to have countless Reels bookmarked, multiple ebooks left unopened in your inbox and links to replays of webinars you signed up for but never attended. 

serve allows you to leave all of that behind and instead, focus on the advice from one seasoned business mentor who is thoughtfully scaling a service-based business today

Alison regularly sells out her offerings, exceeds sales targets and has waitlists up to three months long. She knows what you need because she's been there herself. 

you can do it. you can work for yourself.

With a strategy that is custom-fit to you, a high mindset, clean energy, conscious community & accountability, anyone can.

 collapse time by receiving 5 years worth of learnings in just 12 weeks.

It's tempting to try and do it on our own to save money, but the time it takes actually costs us money in the end. Learn from someone who has been where you are, knows what is required and what is definitely not.

✺ overcome limiting beliefs, fears about being seen or a fear of failing.

The most powerful breakthroughs of them all. The truth is, a world-class strategy is meaningless in the face of limiting thoughts, beliefs, patterns or behaviours.

What sets serve apart from other business incubators is Alison’s signature blend of strategy, energy and mindset to ensure you become the energetic condition for the highest vision you hold for your business and the transformation your clients will experience when they work with you.

╭ the 12-week program ╮

Enrolment will open again at the end of 2024 and the program will begin in early 2025.

It all starts with defining what success looks like to you. Together we'll be declaring the Highest Vision you hold for your business and the life it will enable you to live.

Learn the hallmarks of regenerative entrepreneurship and how it informs what we build, how we build it and how we get to show up inside our businesses: Spacious, soft and seasonal.

A regenerative, service-based business is always meeting a need. Define the need you are uniquely positioned to meet and the problems your services will help solve.

Think of this as your business’ intentional action plan. A strategic document that outlines your operating model, the direction you are going in, your objectives, the structure of the market you are entering, revenue streams, assumed costs and much more.

An experienced accountant will be guiding you through the basics of choosing a business structure, understanding tax, invoicing and accepting payments, bookkeeping, insurance, legal and more.

Your brand strategy outlines the why, what, how and who of your business, and also defines how your customer will perceive and receive you. We’ll be using the brand strategy template Alison uses for private strategy clients.

A brand experience expert will be leading a brand identity workshop. You’ll leave the session with a brand identity brief that you can share with a designer who will create your brand’s visual identity.

It’s now time to define what you will offer your clients or community members, how you will deliver those offerings and the investment for each.

A growth and mindset mentor will be leading a session on evolving beyond the limiting beliefs about what we’re capable or deserving of earning.

Our conscious wealth expert will be joining us once again, this time for a dynamic revenue forecasting workshop. You’ll be given a functional revenue forecasting sheet to use and together we will plug in our numbers and play out some revenue scenarios.

A social impact specialist will be leading a workshop on finding a purpose for your business’ profit via a meaningful social impact plan. Regenerative entrepreneurship puts people and planet first, and this is one simple way we begin being the change we want to see.

Your marketing strategy takes key aspects of your business and brand strategy and builds on them to define how you’ll create brand awareness, how you’ll move prospective clients or community members into the consideration phase and also how you’ll motivate and support them to buy your services or offerings.

Content marketing can feel super overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Alison is a leading digital content expert and will be sharing her simple content marketing system with you — one you can implement straight away in your own business.

Finish serve by writing an Intentional Action Plan. A clear, motivating and directional document that outlines the next most necessary steps for you to take. 

"I am going to help you build a business that not only meets the needs of your clients & customers but one that also supports you to experience a full & expressed life."

— alison rice

entrepreneurial mindset & energy

strategic templates & functional sheets

clarity & accountability

collapse time & build as you learn

the investment.

$1,180 AUD

per month for 3 months

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$3,500 AUD

one-off payment

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✺ the value of the serve program

$30,000 worth of strategy & mentorship.

Why so much value?

Because Alison is yet to meet an emerging (or established!) entrepreneur who can comfortably invest $30,000 upfront on what is essentially still just an idea.

That's why serve exists at the price it does:

To make starting your own service-based business feel less risky

register for 2025. 🌚

✺ what it would actually cost.

*Not including the cost of a finance expert, social impact expert, mindset expert or branding specialist.*

meet the experts guiding you.

✺ even if you're already serving, it's safe to seek help to get profitable.

You took the leap which is incredible, now get the structure, support, strategy & accountability we all need.

You are not alone. You are not failing. You just need help.

✺ meet like-minded entrepreneurs.

One of the places we'll be gathering during the 12 weeks is our Community Room. Inside you'll be able to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who are choosing to use their gifts, skills and expertise to serve the needs of the time.

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"Alison has completely changed the way that I think about marketing my service-based business. I used to feel like I always had to be “on”, always thinking about booking in my next client, and always feeling the pressure of showing up on socials. She offered me a way of thinking about marketing and booking clients that’s seasonal, allows me to forecast my revenue, and gives me the space to be fully serving my clients without the pressure of looking for new work in the back of my mind. Alison’s strategic business advice never fails to impress me with the level of her expertise and thoughtfulness. She’s helped me to strategically price my services and untangle my sense of self-worth from my business, which as a service-provider has been a difficult hurdle for me. "


"I feel so lucky to be a part of this community. You’ve supported me through some big learnings this year and I’m really starting to benefit from some seeds I’ve sewn. It’s been the most transformational year energetically and I owe a lot of it to you. I caught myself yesterday saying “this is the best I’ve ever felt. I really trust who and what I am.” Now doesn’t that feel bloody good?! "


"Alison has an incredible talent for hearing and distilling ideas and concepts that often felt like excited chaos, jumbled in our minds, into something we could immediately implement and felt true to ourselves and our vision for our business. In the weeks following working with Alison, we’ve had the confidence to speak directly to new business prospects and successfully begin outreach en mass! We are now speaking to a brand strategy that is cohesive and succinct, leaving our audience just as passionate about our mission as we are."


✺ serve scholarship.

In my ongoing commitment to building a business that — at its foundation — is an act of allyship, one of the most important questions I've learned I can ask is: Who isn't in the room and why?

The serve Scholarship exists to ensure anyone experiencing financial hardship has a pathway to financial stability and independence. Priority is given to Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and people with a disability.

Write to me to explore a scholarship.

Alison xo

write to me.

✺ prefer to listen?

Listen to this special episode of Offline, The Podcast to hear Alison speak about serve and the pathway to a purpose-driven and profitable service-based business. 

listen here.

✺ faqs.

Wednesdays at 12.30pm Sydney time + 2 bonus sessions which fall on a Thursday at the same time.

Session recordings will be uploaded within 24 hours. 

There's a 2-hour lesson each a week for the 12 weeks + 2 bonus lessons — so 14 lessons in total.

Some of lessons take on a workshop format so you'll be doing the exercise or task as we go, and others you'll complete in your own time. 

You can attend the weekly lesson live or watch the replay. 

serve is a 12-week investment so unfortunately you can't cancel mid-program. When you enrol, you are committing to join for the 12 weeks. This includes your payment commitment. 

The idea is that you pay what you can afford or nothing at all if an investment isn't within your financial means.

Offline uses this economic justice tool as a guide.

Alison set the parameters for Offline scholarships after a series of cultural education and awareness sessions. One of the decisions she made after receiving this valuable counsel was to move away from an application process and instead, ask you to explore it with her.

So if you need a scholarship, she hopes you'll write to her.

The serve Scholarship exists for any person experiencing significant financial hardship, but priority is given to Black, Indigenous and People of Colour; and disabled people.

If you’d like to explore, please write to Alison: [email protected]

Yes. All lessons are recorded and made available within 24 hours. 

You will be able to access the serve learning portal for 12 months.

Alison Rice acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which she lives, the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation. She pays her respects to their Elders past & present & extends that respect to all First Nations, Torres Strait Islander & Māori peoples.

She also pays her respect to the East — its people & cultures — who have maintained, enriched & passed down the ancient wisdom she is privileged to be able to study & embody today, & share throughout her work.


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