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express your interest for 2025.

Off— is a seasonal career & business mentorship space led by award-winning leader & mentor Alison Rice. Four months of highly strategic mentoring, expanding wisdom sessions & conscious community.

expressions of interest.

imagine waking up. . .

Feeling like you have a grounded and positive perspective on your career or your business and the direction you're heading in.

Imagine knowing how you define success and experiencing a sense of peace everyday because your career or business is aligned to that definition. 

Imagine a professional reality that is entirely unsubscribed from hustle culture, comparison and the relentless pursuit of a definition of success that you not only didn’t author, but that isn’t structured in a way that could ever support the natural and intrinsic cycles and seasons that exist within a full and expressed life.

it can be real. 

Professional softness, a job that feels aligned to your values and the spaciousness you're craving is available to you and I know this to be true because I’m experiencing it and so are many of the 400+ other co-creators who have spent a season or more inside Off—

Off— is a stable career & business support system you can rely on.

if this is resonating, let me help you land in your definition of success,

& guide you to make it your reality via voice mentoring, wisdom sessions, conscious conversations, regenerative strategy & community. 

expressions of interest.

how you might be feeling. 🌚

  • Struggling to separate my self worth or identity & my career
  • Professionally unfulfilled
  • Lacking direction
  • Lacking support as a leader
  • Don’t know what my purpose is 
  • Unsure about my next career move 
  • Not feeling confident to take the leap into the unknown 
  • Want to do my own thing but feeling a lot of fear
  • Unseen, unheard or undervalued in my job 
  • Navigating a difficult boss or situation in the workplace
  • Craving a conscious & encouraging community of founders
  • Been at it for a while & still can’t pay myself
  • Unsure how to create, develop or deepen my brand
  • Need support to increase brand awareness & reach
  • Dislike selling & struggle to promote my offerings
  • Unsure how to build & nurture a community 
  • Don’t feel comfortable with the financial side of things
  • Constantly worried it isn’t going to work out

how you desire to feel. 🌝

Successful. Soft, stable & regulated. On purpose. Passionate about your work & how you show up to it. Valued & valuable. Proud. Well paid. Intentional. Inspiring to others. Clear about the professional season you’re in. Supported, seen & held in your individual experiences. Spiritually expanded. Confident asking for what you’re worth & with a clear mission for your money.

expressions of interest.
seasonal theme

land in your deservingness.

More money. More opportunities. More responsibility. More influence. More impact.

We’re all calling in more for ourselves but do we fundamentally believe we are worth more? Is our body primed to hold more?

And the other thing: We’ve been giving for so long — do we even know how to receive?

This season we are learning how to acknowledge, understand and ultimately evolve beyond the blocks we have around money, self-worth and the value we bring to the world.

We are going to claim our specialness, our worthiness and deservingness.

expressions of interest.

the shape of our season | 2024.

Off— is a living & breathing space. You have direct access to Alison & the community in real-time. With that said, everything is recorded! Join live or watch the replays.

7 virtual meet ups.

We'll gather online seven times over the course of four months to explore & engage with our theme of land in your deservingness

voice mentoring.

Every week Alison answers a selection of your career & business questions via potent voice memos uploaded to a private WhatsApp Community. 

private whatsapp.

Every voice mentoring memo is uploaded to WhatsApp. The chat function is switched off so you can lean out & receive wisdom & inspiration. 

community room.

Inside our Community Room we have chat threads to advertise yourself or a project, get advice from other co-creators & more. 

monthly mood.

A monthly energetic invitation that is designed to tend to our internal states. The Monthly Mood includes key lunar moments & affirmations.

off— foundations.

For the entire season you’re inside the space you get access to Off— Foundations, which is a selection of our most loved live sessions from past seasons. 

space to integrate.

The last week each month is Integration Week which means no voice mentoring or live sessions giving you space to be with all content shared. 

10 founder hours.

In the Off— Founder tier we'll also be connecting three times a month at Founder Hour. Live business mentoring & learning from guest founders.

your conscious colleagues are inside.

Over 400 co-creators have already experienced the deep transformation that comes when we shed who we thought we had to be so that we can make contact with who we were always supposed to become.

are you a founder, brand builder or emerging entrepreneur?

The Off— Founders teir includes:

  • Access to all aspects of Off— 


  • Private Off— Founders WhatsApp Group for voice mentoring
  • Ask Alison business, brand, content and marketing questions 
  • 3 x Founder Hours each month where we gather for live mentoring, knowledge sharing & to learn from guest founders
  • Private chat thread in our Community Room
  • Co-create our weekly agenda to ensure your needs are met

personalised voice mentoring.

This is where you'll feel deeply witnessed and heard within our space. Every Tuesday-Thursday, Alison answers a diverse selection of questions about the professional self, career, business, brand, marketing  and leadership. 

Alison records voice memos and uploads them to our private WhatsApp Groups. You can expect about an hour of knowledge and advice each week.

Listen to this special episode of Offline, The Podcast to experience an example of Alison's mentoring style. 

listen to the episode.

live session schedule | 2024.


breathing into more

may 7 @ 7.30pm | alison rice & ella cotterell

 live mentoring: asking for more money

may 21 @ 12.30pm | alison rice


cultivating a new wealth consciousness

june 4 @ 12.30pm  | megan deboer

live mentoring: asking for more responsibility

june 18 @ 7.30pm | alison rice


finding safety in wanting more

july 2 @ 7.30pm | currently confirming

live mentoring: holding more influence 

july 16 @ 12.30pm | alison rice


integration month 

all of august 

closing circle

aug 20 @ 7.30pm | alison rice


"If expansion, evolution, support, guidance and community had a baby, its manifestation would be Off—. The effortlessness (although I can’t even fathom the dedication) to creating this hub of Off— is beyond whatever expectation I had of it. Gratitude beyond what you’ll ever know Alison."

ritual doula

"I wanted to let you know, during a lot of the interviews I had, many people commented on my self awareness and I put a lot of that down to the time I have spent within Off— and the coaching received, and external resources I have followed through discovering via Off—. So thank you for helping to build a better me."


"Off— has each season provided me with new experiences, new lessons, new realisations and rememberings. Being inside Off— has truly helped me become a more graceful, intentional person who does self inquiry often and seeks out new things to explore, expand and challenge myself intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. "


"Being in this community has shifted me into a life that I've always wanted for myself. It's simple, it's soft and it's stable. You have opened my eyes to a different way of being — especially in my career — and I am just so proud to say I'm in this community. I love learning from you, and with you, and I hope this community is a part of my life until we're all old and grey. "


"I know down into the depths of me being that you being an expander to me and all of Off—'s wisdom, teachings, co-creation sessions and being in the collective I would not have the tools, courage, drive or confidence to launch this is to the world wide webs! I could write for eternity on how grateful I am for your warm, always inviting, knowledgeable, safe and very beautifully curated Off—. It was a portal for me."

ritual doula

"If leaving my full-time role was taking the leap, Off— has been my soft place to land. Not only is this space filled with consistent and customised knowledge for each of its co-creators as we ask for it, but for me, the most beautiful surprise has been the support from the other members within our space. I’ve felt held and seen and can I tell you that when you are starting something from nothing those two things are quite simply, everything. If you’ve listened to Alison’s podcast or follow her on Instagram and the essence of her speaks to you, her conscious career space is only a deepening of that essence and wisdom. "

real estate agent & founder

"If you feel that the structures and systems we've learned to subscribe to don't support the truest version of yourself and you're looking to consciously expand your career then I encourage you to become a co-creator inside Off— with us. It's part learning, part mentorship, part brainstorming, sharing and exploring but at its essence Off— is a community. The energy inside this space is beautiful and you will feel held. When you're having one of those days and a voice memo from Alison drops in, it is the perfect reminder to take a breath and recognise that you know how to align your profession with your essence."

senior marketing & campaign advisor

"Alison is my long time conscious career custodian. For me, entering Off— feels like laying in a hammock. You are always supported and inspired. It provides waves of great reflection and connection, and gifts me the time and space for my moral compass to be reminded and realigned. Off— acts like a mirror to me, encouraging me to look into what a conscious career feels like, in my body and soul. A community built on the trusted foundations of connection — we are all made of stories and the generosity to share and learn from others sparks my curiosity electricity as I learn as equally from others journeys as I do my own. "

social entrepreneur

the investment.

4 x payment installments over 4 months

monthly payment


x 4 months

This tier best suits anyone working for someone else, leading, studying, re-entering the workforce or reinventing their career.

expressions of interest.

monthly payment


x 4 months

This tier best suits anyone running a business, building a brand, starting something of their own or thinking about it.

expressions of interest.

would your boss fund your spot?

Some co-creators inside our space have their enrolment funded by their workplace. Many businesses and managers have professional development budget but lack the time and resources to properly allocate it. If you think your boss might be open to funding your enrolment this season, feel free to download the flyer below so they can get a feel for what is on offer and why valuing you increases the value you bring to the business. 

download flyer.

the Off— scholarship.

I have learnt that one of the most important questions I can ask is: Who isn't in the room and why? The Off Scholarship exists to ensure we have all voices, cultures, lived experiences and opinions in the room.

Any person experiencing financial hardship is encouraged to explore the Off— Scholarship as a throughway to getting the career or business support you both need and deserve.

Priority is given to Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, domestic violence survivors, single mothers and people with a disability.

Write to me to explore the scholarship.

Alison xo

explore a scholarship.

the moon & the monthly mood.

Outside of all the ways we develop as a collective of conscious professionals on our way, Off— also provides us with an energetic invitation each month designed to tend to our internal states. It's called The Monthly Mood and includes a monthly affirmation and the key lunar moments.

expressions of interest.


You set the pace. Nothing is compulsory and everything is recorded.

At a minimum, you have access to two live Meet Ups a month and one-two hours of voice mentoring each week.

Off— is a seasonal investment so unfortunately you can't cancel mid-season. When you enrol, you are committing to join us for the four months and/or to pay the four installments.


The Off— Scholarship exists to ensure we have all voices, cultures, lived experiences and opinions in the room. The idea is that you pay what you can afford or nothing at all if an investment isn't within your financial means.

I use this economic justice tool as a guide.

 If you need the Off— Scholarship, I hope you'll write to me and we can shape it to suit your individual needs. 

The Off— Scholarship exists for any person experiencing significant financial hardship, but priority is given to Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, domestic violence survivors, single mothers and people with a disability.

If you’d like to explore, please write to me: [email protected]

Yes. All live Meet Ups are recorded and made available within 24 hours. You can watch the recordings anytime you like during the season.

Off— is a seasonal experience and investment. This means the content shared in the season is only accessible during the season. 

Alison Rice acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which she lives, the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation. She pays her respects to their Elders past & present & extends that respect to all First Nations, Torres Strait Islander & Māori peoples.

She also pays her respect to the East — its people & cultures — who have maintained, enriched & passed down the ancient wisdom she is privileged to be able to study & embody today, & share throughout her work.


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