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q: i have more experience than my managers. any advice on getting my opinion heard?

Dearest you.

I know how frustrating it can feel when you know what the business needs to do, but your manager either won’t listen or doesn’t even ask for your advice to begin with.

And this is really the core observation I’ve made about your question that informs my response and advice: This is a professional development opportunity, and that opportunity is to develop executive presence.

What does this mean? It means beginning to reposition the way you’re in the business — what you say, how you...

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q: I feel unfulfilled in my career & want change but have no idea what steps to take.

Dearest you.

Firstly I want you to know that feeling professionally unfulfilled and having no idea what steps to take next is so normal. In the 10+ years I’ve been leading and coaching, I very rarely meet people who feel professionally fulfilled. Even when they say the job is fulfilling, they don’t feel fulfilled.

"I got the job I worked so hard to get, so why don’t I feel whole and accomplished and content? Why don’t I feel fulfilled and happy?"

So that’s the first thing, just wanting you to feel held in...

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q: how do I set boundaries at work but still progress and be seen as passionate?

Dearest you.

I'd like to start by offering you what I hope is a fresh perspective on setting boundaries at work and what impact those boundaries might have on your progression within the business:

It's not about your boundaries so much as it is about your leader's personal experience with establishing and upholding their own.

Oftentimes (but not always), leaders promote the behavioural traits and characteristics they value most in themselves. This is really normal, but isn't super effective when it comes to building diverse and...

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