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"This course arrived in my life with divine timing. I had been struggling to truly understand who I am, how I work best, and what direction to take my business in, and Make Contact With Your True Self was able to not only erase my worries, but put me on a path of purpose and living from a place of True Self. Alison is a gentle, nurturing guide who shares so many bouts of wisdom, while also encouraging us as students to forge our own knowledge base, starting from within. I recommend this course to anyone who is seeking clarity or to better understand themselves. I look forward to revisiting this course over and over again, as part of my lifelong connection to Self."


"I went ahead with trust that it would provide me a strong guide to fulfilling my purpose and it did. I relished in dedicating time for me, my own development, thoughts, aspirations and beliefs. The structure of the course was a perfect balance of content, Self Reflection and learning. And I completed the course with a strong takeaway: Who I am at my core, how my beliefs guide me and a sense of peace. Thank you for so expertly curating a course differently, with real substance. Congratulations!"


"I jumped online with the intention of doing the first lesson or maybe two. . . I couldn’t stop. I was captivated. I took my time to answer the questions but I’ve been doing a fair bit of ‘self study’ over the past 12 months so I knew a fair few of the answers. In saying that, getting it all on paper was liberating. The Conscious Compass was beyond amazing. I’m so grateful to you. I’m so pleased you priced it the way you did. Yes you could have gotten more money but honestly the accessibility to people is important and you have opened up a world of learning by using your natural gifts and truly providing a service with such grace and integrity."


"The course has helped me break free from the person others expect me to be, and instead discover who I really am. I’ve shifted my perception of success and have decided to apply to go back to school to get my masters degree in creative writing and literature. I no longer look at material things as bearing so much importance in my life and I now understand the tentpoles that underpin what defines me. After 28 years, I’m proud of who I am and understand I have unique talents and gifts that I want to share with the world through creative writing. "


"I’m reaching out to express my gratitude for your beautiful course. Your course is the kind of knowledge that I have been searching for many years to find. I have continuously been looking for a means by which to determine my ‘why’, feeling constantly unfulfilled and frustrated on my quest to discover my purpose (often doubting if I even had one). I thank you, Alison, for your beautiful course and for creating the space I needed to give myself permission to look inwardly, to ask myself uncomfortable questions, to examine my conditioned beliefs and question if they are a true reflection of me. To allow my True Self to surface. Thank you. "


"I've been doing [the course] and the revelations I've had surrounding my career, purpose and how I can use that to benefit the world has been profound. I was struggling so much with where to put my attention and finding where I fit in the world and through your guidance I feel that everything is so much clearer now. I cannot thank you enough."


"I have done what feels like 176531 online courses and I am loving the rare streamlined, clean intent of the content. There is a heaviness that comes with cluttered, erratic content. So I really appreciate you taking the time to carve the angle from the marble with your worksheets. The feel is essential and nutritious! Your layout, tone and worksheets are extremely calming which makes it so much easier to focus and connect. Love it. "


"Almost one month since I purchased the course, I’ve started. Diving into lesson one wrapped up in a blanket with a candle burning was one of the most luxurious things I have done for myself in a long time. I can’t wait to absorb everything you have put into this. Thank you for creating it, my soul is alight with the prospect of what is to come for you, Offline and myself by following you. Also, a massive kudos to Tony. The design direction and graphics are so aligned with Offline, it is utter perfection. "


"When I started this course, I was at a stage in my life where I was feeling really deflated. I couldn't figure out what it was that I was meant to do in this world. My purpose just didn't seem to want to show itself, no matter how hard I tried to find it. A lot of personal patterns as to why I've been unable to figure this out appeared in the first lesson, and from then on I was hooked. Throughout the course, I had many revelations surrounding my purpose, who I am at my core, and how I could use all of this to serve others. I want to thank you for opening my eyes and allowing me — for the first time in my life — to truly understand who I am on a deeper level and how I can live my life in true alignment with self. To anybody who is wanting to learn more about themselves on a spiritual level or struggling to find their career path, I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Put your trust in Alison, she will not let you down. "


"I’ve been doing Self Study and the revelations I’ve had surrounding my career, purpose and how I can use that to benefit the world have been profound. I was struggling so much with where to put my attention and finding where I fit in the world, and through your guidance I feel that everything is much clearer now. I cannot thank you enough. "


"I think absolutely everybody could benefit from studying this course. It is the perfect foundation for self work. It really challenged me to reflect on my life, to be present and connect with my truth, and then redefine aspects of my life to honour my True Self. The lessons, content and worksheets are something I will continue to come back to — to learn from and reflect on throughout my journey."


"This course made me think more about myself and who I am than I ever have before. It helped me acknowledge how some of my preconceived thoughts about who I am, were getting in the way of who I actually am and want to be today. I recommend this course for anyone who is feeling stuck or lost, or really, for anyone who has never paused to reflect on who they are. It will also help you better understand your approach to navigating the many different situations life throws your way."


"I’ve been doing your Self Study course, I’m up to lesson four. Thank you for creating this course, you have no idea how much it is helping me. You blew my mind with lesson three. I got stuck on reflecting on my values, my relationship with money and what my top three ethics are. I was mentally drained at the end of lesson three, I had a massive debrief with my boyfriend! I told him all about the deep questions you posed in that session. He was very intrigued, so he might do the course! "


"Just wanted to give you a massive thank you for your incredible course. Such perfect timing for me to explore my True Self, reset and realign. Having my business closed at the moment I have had that part of my identity put to the side while I’m also 18 weeks pregnant and preparing for my most important role in life. It was so good to spend this week reconnecting with me, realigning with what is important and setting some intentions for moving forward. Thank you for providing some great conversation points to have with my partner also. Feeling beautifully aligned as a couple knowing what’s important for my own happiness and ours as a family with a clear guide or Conscious Compass to keep us there. Oh, and I had a massive realisation that I need for so little to truly be happy. Thank you for your gifts."


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