Alison's coaching offering exists to empower those who are defining what it means to create, lead and succeed from the seat of True Self.


"One of the most valuable things to come out of OFFLINEâ„¢ is the connections I've made with people who hear their story in mine. When a challenge is shared, it truly feels halved. "

alison rice, founder.


Career mapping and direction

Preparing for an interview

Negotiating your role / salary

Stepping up as a leader 

Taking the leap  / career change

Difficult conversations


Team and workplace culture

New managers / new teams

Change leadership

Team planning

Roles and responsibilities

Navigating under-performance


Feedback on your idea

Help defining your why

Help defining your message 

Growing community

Feedback on brand identity 

Advice on marketing and PR

"I launched with huge success."

I started working with Alison during a chaotic time in my business. I needed support and a coach to help me launch my new online platform. Alison did that and so much more. Together we got clear on how and when I would launch, created branding, goals and a marketing strategy. I launched with huge success and I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without Alison. I love her honesty, openness and kindness. I can’t recommend her enough. — Juliet Allen, Leading Australian Sexologist 

"It was honestly brilliant."

I loved the energy between us and I'm excited to continue working with Alison. It was honestly brilliant and I walked away with clear action points; an acknowledgment of my True Self and an evolution to my personal brand which is what I really wanted. Plus, amazing advice for my business focused questions. Thank you for seeing my potential and believing in me and Yes Queen's mission. — Sarah Fritz, Founder & CEO, Yes Queen

personal coaching in 2021

I am currently on maternity leave but if you'd like to be notified when my calendar re-opens, please register your email address. Thank you again for your support and I look forward to helping you on your way.


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