"Our True Self is our spirit. It is who we are at our essence. Our True Self is internally experienced. It is who we are without the labels, what we’ve achieved or what we own. Our True Self is the witness to it all."

alison rice, founder.

it started as a podcast.

Offline began as a podcast — a series of honest conversations with the people behind behind our favourite Instagram accounts and the teachers who help us on our way. Host and founder, Alison Rice, wanted to explore the concept of True Self. What is life like on the other side of the filter? Who are we without the social media followings, the shiny job titles and the other labels we put on ourselves? What are our values? How do we develop moral code? How do we define success? And most importantly: When we're sitting in our True Self, who are we?

& turned into a pathway.

Hundreds of thousands of listens later and following a sold-out national tour, Offline is a self development offering. It exists to put us in touch with the deepest, truest part of ourselves — our True Self — so we can align to our unique purpose and begin to succeed on our own terms. Offline facilitates emotional, professional and spiritual epiphanies, and provides its community with the resources and support framework in which to evolve from them.

the offering.

Offline's offering includes Alison's acclaimed podcast, a series of considered online courses, personal coaching sessions, a curated e-shop featuring Offline merch and spiritual tools, and a national events program that includes live episode recordings of the podcast, intimate women's circles, workshops and an annual knowledge and relaxation retreat. Original music by DLakeCreates.

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