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You can expect 100% GOTS organic cotton that feels natural on the skin. 220gsm in thickness means it's medium in weight and has a super premium feel. It's an oversized, boxy fit which creates a flattering silhouette for all bodies. The slouchy, drop shoulder and wide neckline is what makes it look so cool. One of those t-shirts that seems to make you look effortless the moment you put it on. You know those ones? It's that. 

‚ÄĒAlison xo

what does it mean to wear offline? 

It means you're choosing to be the change you want to see in workplaces across the world. It means you are evolving beyond corporate systems and structures that told us we had to hustle, grind and sacrifice our needs and the needs of others to get ahead. 

Wearing Offline is a signal that you're falling back into the softness and spaciousness of a professional reality that prioritises being useful and feeling aligned. A professional reality that protects your nervous system and honours your intrinsic cycles and seasons. 

Above all else, you understand that you are on purpose. That your existence was intended. That you are a deliberate act of creation.