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Chelsea Pottenger on her experience with post-natal depression and how it led her to launch a conscious business.

Season #4 Episode #58

In this special Self Care Sundays mini-series produced by Studio Offline and in partnership with Estée Lauder, host Alison Rice sits down with the brand’s Australian ambassadors and experts to have an honest conversation about life on the other side of the filter, self care, sleep and skincare. 

Alison’s next guest is Chelsea Pottenger. The founder of EQ Minds, Chelsea is a sleep expert, an internationally accredited mindfulness and meditation practitioner, a keynote speaker and a proud ambassador for mental health charities including R U OK and The Gidget Foundation. 

She’s currently studying a doctorate of Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience, and is extremely passionate about sleep — the very topic Self Care Sundays seeks to highlight and champion. 

Chelsea knows firsthand what happens when we don’t get enough sleep, which makes her the perfect guest ahead of World Sleep Day on March 13. World Sleep Day is a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine and education.

One of the most powerful and valuable stories Chelsea shares through her work, is her personal experience suffering from perinatal anxiety and depression. A condition that for her, included sleep anxiety, insomnia and eventually, suicidal thoughts that involved the plane she was due to fly on, crashing somewhere between Australia and Scotland. 

In this episode, Chelsea opens up about it so we can learn, and also shares her advice on how to take responsibility for not only the amount of sleep we’re getting, but the quality of sleep. She removes mum shame around services like night nannies, and explains why sleep is in fact a solution to premature ageing. 


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