Natalie Fornasier on living with stage four melanoma and what really matters in life.

Season #6 Episode #77

In this honest conversation, Natalie Fornasier opens up about living with stage four melanoma and what she’s learnt actually matters in life.

Natalie is a talented young writer and self-described skinfluencer (the sun safety kind) who is using her growing social footprint to advocate for those experiencing chronic and terminal illness. 

This honest conversation focuses on the present. On surviving. On what it means to accept your own mortality. Nat opens up about her relationship with death, the spectrum of diversity through the eyes of the chronically ill, navigating friendships that aren’t equipped to hold space for her experience, how she, in turn, thinks about holding space for her partner’s experience both within her illness and also separate to it, what it’s really like trying to establish a career when you have cancer and what she’s learnt actually matters in life. 

Every episode of Offline seeks to educate and inform, but Alison hopes this one also offers perspective. When we really get down to it, what else matters but our health and the health of the people we love? 

It’s World Cancer Day on February 4, but we know we can prevent skin cancer every day. Melanoma is the third most common cancer in women. Please wear sunscreen and keep your precious skin out of the sun. 



P.S. If you’d like to learn Nat’s full story, including how her melanoma first presented itself, Alison encourages you to read the interviews and personal essays made possible by sun safety education initiative Call Time on Melanoma on Byrdie Beauty



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