Artist Bobby Clark on speaking your truth and why we need to stop trying to do the “right” thing.

Season #6 Episode #78

Host Alison Rice has an honest conversation with artist, photographer and mum, Bobby Clark. In this episode, Bobby encourages us all to speak our truth and shares why we need to stop trying to do the “right” thing. She also encourages us to make mistakes because they help us discover the thing that makes our work unique.


Bobby is one of Melbourne’s leading artists, but as she so beautifully demonstrates in this episode, her paintings aren’t the only thing she has to say.

This conversation is full season six energy. Unbounded, unscripted and real. Alison and Bobby speak for 90 minutes and every one of them is worth your time. Why? Because it’s important that we hear what a truly empowered woman sounds like without the filter and controlled messaging. 

From boobs and bodies, pregnancy and pregnancy loss, sex after birth, dealing with judgement from strangers on social media, therapy, love, the complexities of the art world, pricing her work, feeling embarrassed about her work, navigating not being taken seriously as an artist… it’s all here.


P.S. Alison also shares some special personal news in this episode!



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