Doctor and zero waste life advocate Anita Vandyke on living in alignment with your values.

Season #6 Episode #84

Host Alison Rice has an honest conversation with doctor, rocket scientist, author and zero waste life advocate Anita Vandyke. In this episode, Anita challenges the dogma surrounding living a zero waste life, educating us that it’s not about being perfect. It’s about effort.


Have you ever found yourself wanting to reduce your personal waste but feel totally overwhelmed when it comes to how? Or maybe you’re scared that if you try, you’ll fail. And then there’s the fear of the judgement that can come with trying to live more consciously. . . 2020 taught us that cancel culture is real and while sometimes very valid, it also stops us from speaking up and out about the ways we’re trying to be better.


Anita is here to help us take a step forward. She explains that living a zero waste life often starts with living a low waste life. She also shares how she personally handles criticism for her choices, why she implements spending bans and what she discovers when she does, easy zero waste strategies that absolutely anyone could implement today, why spirituality and science do co-exist and what motherhood and a major health scare taught her about herself. 



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