Juliet Allen on how she uses visualisation & sex magic to grow her business.

Season #7 Episode #93

#Jalison is back. If you’ve listened to my first and second honest conversation with Juliet Allen, you’ll know about our cute nickname. We became fast friends after our first recording session and now I probably talk to Juliet more than I do Tony during the day. We’re both deep in our motherhood season and we also have really similar businesses, so we exchange voice texts all day about everything from what bibs we’re using, to what we’re currently creating and what we’re having for dinner. It’s nice. I think we keep each other sane.

If you don’t know about Juliet, she’s Australia’s leading sexologist and the founder of Pleasure School, The Juliet Pleasure Wand and Yinn. Body

The last two times she’s been my guest, we’ve spoken about sex. This time, I invited her back on to talk about how she’s built and grown such a pioneering and progressive business, but also, to share what life and work looked like before the Juliet Allen we know today. She’s worked so hard to get where she is so I want you to keep that in mind. 

Slow, meaningful, deliberate. 

In this episode, we talk about authentic expression over having a social media strategy, how leaving a financially secure situation was the moment her business began to thrive, productising her brand and generating new income streams, how she uses sex magic, visualisation and manifestation to reach her goals, and why success has nothing to do with the amount of money in her bank account.

Juliet has been a huge expander for so many of us who want to use our unique gifts to serve, and to make a living while we do it. A big thank you to Juliet for opening up so we can all learn.


I hope this episode helps you on your way. Thank you for being here.


Alison xo




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