$220.00 AUD

Self Study | Make Contact With Your True Self

This nourishing two-hour audio course will help you understand the truth about what you really are at your essence, how this informs who you are in this lifetime & why you're here.

I've condensed everything I've learned in over a decade of spiritual study, leadership and mentoring into two potent hours of audio lessons.

This course is what I wish I had access to when I began my journey home to my True Self.

I know it will help you on your way. 

Alison xo

what you'll learn.

  • Spiritual wisdom that will give you confidence to step into evolutionary change in your life or career 
  • Find out what you really are at your essence — your True Self
  • How that informs who you are in this lifetime — your individuality 
  • Why you're really here — the purpose of life
  • How to make contact with your True Self
  • The role and relevance of your career
  • My suggested next steps after listening to the course 


  • Complete my Conscious Compass — a tool and framework that will help you define your energy, values, ethics and integrity
  • Learn my methodology for True Self Success
  • Find out the questions you need to be asking yourself if you're feeling unsatisfied and stuck
  • My personal recommended reading list. This is the articles, books and the spiritual blueprints that have helped me the most
  • My suggested list of questions to ask yourself and prospective teachers, mentors and coaches to ensure you're choosing a safe and credible support team

Everything I share in this two-hour audio course is designed to move you out of feeling stuck and unsatisfied and into intentional action. 

If you're ready to make contact with your truth, align to your purpose and define success on your own terms, this course is for you.

course testimonials.

This course made me think more about myself and who I am than I ever have before. It helped me acknowledge how some of my preconceived thoughts about who I am were getting in the way of who I actually am and want to be today. I recommend this course for anyone who is feeling stuck or lost, or really, for anyone who has never paused to reflect on who they are.

I've just completed your course — thank you. It has come to me at the exact right time, and at a time that I was ready to receive it. For a long time, I've felt like there was something more simmering away in the depths of my thoughts. At times I've been able to recognise the programming that had been instilled in me, but not really sure how to detach from that. I truly feel that your course has helped me on my path to the next phase of my career and my life.

I've just (as in, in the last minute) completed your incredible course. Wow. I don't have much more to share yet except thank you. I set aside the whole of today to focus on this course and I am glad I did so. I feel light, clear and also really ~in~ my body.

The revelations I’ve had surrounding my career, purpose and how I can use that to benefit the world have been profound. I was struggling so much with where to put my attention and finding where I fit in the world, and through your guidance I feel that everything is much clearer now. I cannot thank you enough.