$169.00 AUD

Self Study | Make Contact With Your True Self

This two-hour audio course will help you understand what you are, how that informs who you are, what you're not & why you're really here.

I've condensed thousands of hours of personal study, integration and embodiment into two hours of highly potent Knowledge Sessions.

This course is what I wish I had access to when I began my own journey back home to my True Self.

I know it will help you on your way. 

Alison xo

what you'll learn.

  • Ancient and universal wisdom that has the potential to change the course of your life and career 
  • What you really are
  • How that informs who you are and also what you're not 
  • Why you're here
  • How to make contact with your True Self
  • The role and relevance of your career
  • My suggested next steps after listening to the course 


  • My methodology for True Self Success
  • Deep and expanding Self Reflection exercises
  • My personal list of the articles, books and charts that have moved me the most
  • My Conscious Compass — a tool and framework that will help you define your energy, values, ethics and integrity 
  • My suggested list of questions to ask yourself and prospective teachers as you journey home to True Self