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Self Study | Career Leaps & Pivots

Are you thinking about taking a career leap of faith, changing industries entirely or moving on from full-time employment to start your own thing?



Join award-winning leader and conscious career coach, Alison Rice, for a two-hour digital knowledge session about career leaps and pivots.


This is a recording of a live digital Knowledge Session Alison hosted in August 2020. 

Attendees were given the opportunity to send in questions for Alison to answer, so you'll see these featured on screen throughout the video recording. 


In this two-hour group coaching session, Alison answered the following 23 questions:

  1. How long did you stay in your full-time role before you felt like you could jump?

  2. How do you learn to trust your thoughts, direction and intention around taking the leap?

  3. I think way too far in advance. I stop taking risks because of the “what ifs”. Any words of wisdom?

  4. Do you have any tips on how to frame your experience to fit a move into a new industry?

  5. How did you know how to do pivot between your podcast to launch Self Study?

  6. What if you’re not overly excited about putting yourself out there on social media?

  7. How do I deal with negative reactions at work after giving notice? Trying to stay positive.

  8. Any tips if you feel like you need to leave but don’t know where to go yet?

  9. I have been applying for jobs but I don’t even get an email response or actually any response.

  10. I’d like to leave on good terms. Should I email my resignation? Work out a timeline?

  11. What is your advice on changing a dynamic within the workplace that is draining you?

  12. How do you overcome the judgement if the job you’re going to is completely left of field?

  13. I come from a corporate world where skills are everything. If I leave my job I will fall behind.

  14. Knowing you hate your job however you rely on it for income. It is making me anxious and sick.

  15. Any advice on transitioning back to a job after running your own show for eight years?

  16. I am trying to start up my own nutrition business but I really have no idea where to start. How?

  17. Do you think that it’s important to know when to pivot and have back up ideas?

  18. What are your tactics for being motivated when working for yourself and working from home?

  19. My job is so unfulfilling. I want to quit but I’m unsure and scared of not having an income.

  20. Do you have any tips around how to find conscious organisations that align with your values?

  21. Tips on dealing with a difficult manager when you’d like to stay in your role a bit longer?

  22. How to figure out your divine gifts and your soul’s purpose and who are you going to serve?

  23. How to deal with materialism vs. spirituality/conscious development.


After purchasing this Knowledge Session, you will have lifetime access to it through a personal login to Alison's site: www.getoffline.co.


Five percent of the net profit gained from this session will be donated to Offline’s nominated charity, Gunawirra. Details about Offline's evolving commitments available on the website.

what attendees are saying. . .

I cannot thank you enough for offering such an insightful, open session. I feel I gained so much knowledge through this session and the fact that you personally answered questions made it so much more worth the while. I have been seeking a mentor for a while now, not knowing anyone locally who I really looked up to and who I truly believed followed similar ethics, alignment and purpose so, again, I am very grateful that you have offered your time and knowledge. To note, as a fresh university student with limited funds. I feel the price you asked was perfect and affordable. Thank you again. Keep putting yourself and your unique gifts out there. They are being received with open arms and true connection.


I attended your webinar last night. I was wide awake at 2.30am because I couldn't turn my brain off after such a stimulating discussion! I pretty much have my whole career and side business hustle mapped out in my head now. Thank you, I absolutely loved it.


Thank you for last night. Very inspiring. I've already got into my creative genius zone this morning and mapped out a program I've been trying to articulate for a while!


Alison, I wanted to say a big, heartfelt thank you for the Knowledge Session tonight. I am so glad I joined in. I feel that from this session I gained a lot of insight and understanding of the importance of consciousness and developing your 'why' . . . I also loved stripping back the business model . . . this gave me a lightbulb moment as I realised that I am limiting my potential in my mind. Thank you again, you are truly insightful and full of wisdom.