study your birth chart, learn the devotional practice of Japa, and use both to move into 2021 with clarity.


Join conscious coach Alison Rice and guest teacher Vedic astrologist Dalia Gencher, for a transformative 40-day Group Japa Journey. 


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close 2020 with intention.

It's been a difficult and dense year. There's a collective feeling of loss, instability and displacement. If this resonates and you'd like to move into 2021 with intention, clarity and ease, join us for Offline's first Group Japa Journey.

start 2021 with clarity.

Conscious coach Alison Rice and Vedic astrologist Dalia Gencher, will be guiding an intimate group through a transformative and connected 40-day experience, concluding on January 1, 2021. 

set yourself up for growth.

This Group Japa Journey is about connecting to what is most relevant to your evolution, and then using the quality of that energy and intention to move into 2021 and beyond. It's for anyone who wants to evolve consciously.

"Dalia and I conceived Offline's very first Group Japa Journey to meet a need during this time. Many of us are feeling unstable and lost, but by committing to each other and our own powerful Japa practice, we will make contact with stability and direction. It's from this state of Being that we'll move into 2021."

alison rice.

what is japa?

 Japa  जप : the repetitive uttering of mantra.

Japa is the chanting of a mantra internally or externally around mala beads.

This intentional practice is one of the most profound Yogic technologies accessible to us. Japa has the power to completely re-write the neural pathways in our brains. The repetition of such pure primordial sounds integrates these Consciousness States into our own Being.

We chant specific mantras to cultivate and enhance different aspects of life. The practice allows us to embody them as they become embedded within our psyche. We attune the the consciousness state of what we wish to experience. — Dalia Gencher

if you're ready to align to the evolutionary insights held in your birth chart, join us.


what's included?

birth chart analysis

A private, 30-minute birth chart analysis session with Dalia to receive your personal mantra (valued at $130).

citrine gemstone mala

Handmade and blessed in Rishikesh, India, for use throughout the journey and beyond (valued at $250).

40 day group journey

Seven weeks of group learning with Dalia and Alison, including dedicated Q&As (combined value of $2,400).

about the mala. 

The malas we'll use in the Journey have been handmade by women in Rishikesh, India. Each one has been blessed in the Ganges River, and sealed with a mantra. The mala is made up of authentic citrine gemstones, which connects us to the qualities of joy, expansion and creativity abundance. Each mala also includes Rudraksha—a sacred seed that represents the qualities of stillness and meditative awareness. The mala is finished with a beautiful copper stamped pendant hanging below the Guru bead. 

the journey.


2 x payments of $245

  • $2,780 of value 
  • Supported Group Journey
  • Seven live knowledge sessions
  • Personal birth chart session
  • Personal mantra prescription
  • Authentic citrine gemstone mala
  • Recorded, lifetime access

knowledge session topics.


Japa Overview

The Power of Devotion

Moving From Karma to Dharma

The Truth About Manifestation

meet dalia.

Dalia Gencher is a Vedic astrologist, holistic kinesiologist and Sattva Yoga teacher of the Himalayan Yog-Vedantic tradition. The nature and intention of her work is to fulfil the purpose of life: celebration and liberation of the Self. Her background as Vedic Meditator and holistic kinesiologist comes together with these sacred teachings as a comprehensive and integrative practice.