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creativity responds to a deadline.

Maybe you want to launch a business. Start a daily practice. Take a break from social media to turn inward. Move to a new city. Find a more aligned job. Learn a new skill. Complete a course. Finish that book. 

This Group Japa Journey exists to help you make contact with what is most evolutionary for you, and support you in taking intentional action in your life. 

This Journey is for anyone who needs deep support and accountability to do.

what is japa?

 Japa  जप : the repetitive uttering of mantra.

Japa is the chanting of a mantra internally or externally around mala beads.

This intentional practice is one of the most profound Yogic technologies accessible to us. Japa has the power to completely re-write the neural pathways in our brains. The repetition of such pure primordial sounds integrates these Consciousness States into our own Being.

We chant specific mantras to cultivate and enhance different aspects of life. The practice allows us to embody them as they become embedded within our psyche. We attune the the consciousness state of what we wish to experience. — Dalia Gencher

understand fear.

So many of us hold ourselves back. We crave security and stability, and we fear the unknown. But is this natural? Or has fear become the baseline state from which we make decisions? 

evolve beyond it.

Through committing to our daily Japa practice and learning knowledge that puts us in contact with our evolutionary blueprint, we evolve beyond what we fear and let go of the need to know.

clarity & energy.

The sacred mantra we'll be reciting is designed to propel us into the field and state of action. It has the power to give us the clarity and energy we need to follow through into sustainable action. 

take action.

We begin to trust what Nature has organised for us and rise up to meet our role in the evolution of all things. This Journey is for anyone who is ready to take action from the seat of True Self. 

cross a threshold.

What is no longer relevant to your evolution? Where are you needed? What is the most evolutionary thing for you to do right now? This Journey invites you to cross a threshold. 

what could you decide and do in 40 days?

"Dalia and I have conceived Offline's second Group Japa Journey to meet a need I've observed within the Offline community. So many of us are holding ourselves back out of fear. We crave security and stability and when we get it, we can start to live a life that is about maintaining instead of evolving. This can feel constricting and limiting. But by committing to each other and our own powerful Japa practice, we can cross the threshold into evolution. This Journey is for anyone who wants to DO something, but for one reason or another, feels too scared to do it. With conscious clarity, motivation and group support, we can achieve a lot in 40 days."

alison rice.

what's included?

learn japa

Learn the sacred and devotional practice of Japa. It is one of the most profound Yogic technologies accessible to us.

true self mala

Designed by Alison and handmade and blessed in Rishikesh, India, for use throughout the Journey and beyond.

40 days of support

Seven weeks of group learning with Dalia and Alison, including dedicated Q&As and interactive knowledge sessions.

conscious accountability

Access to a group forum hosted by Alison and Dalia, designed to give you daily support and hold you accountable.

about the true self mala. 

Offline's True Self Mala is handmade by women in Rishikesh, India. Each one has been blessed in the Ganges River, and sealed with a mantra. The mala is made up of authentic gemstones that connect us to the qualities of truth, trust, letting go, spiritual connection and creativity. Each mala is finished with a beautiful copper stamped Sri Yantra pendant. The Offline True Self Mala is valued at $250 AUD.

testimonials from previous journey students.


My Japa Journey came at a pivotal point in my life where I was dealing with releasing old trauma with my maternal lineage and really helped with my self worth. I was able to step into launching my first group program in my online business too. It was such a comforting practice to dedicate myself to and I thoroughly enjoying having the community behind me for accountability as I don’t always follow through. Alison and Dalia are a such beautiful space holders with wisdom and compassion. I would highly recommend this as it allows you to create a meditative space for yourself daily and there are so many short and long term benefits.


I was lucky enough to be apart of Alison and Dalia’s first Japa Journey. It was powerful and transformative to say the least. Entering into the Journey I felt a sense of desperation in my life like time was running out and I had to take action or else. . . by the end of the Journey I had an inner calm and stillness. One thing Dalia said that has stuck with me is that you cannot predict the divine intention of Nature. So true, so powerful and so relevant for what I needed. The space that Alison and Dalia created and held was magic. To feel supported and safe during this experience surrounded by other women was wonderful. Very grateful I participated.

the journey.


2 x payments of $245

  • Eight live knowledge sessions
  • Access to private forum
  • Daily support from Alison & Dalia
  • Japa overview & FAQs
  • Mantra prescription
  • Authentic gemstone mala
  • Recorded, lifetime access

knowledge session topics.


Japa Overview

A Frictionless Existence

The Truth About Fear 

Procrastination: The Cause & The Cure

Aligning Action With Nature

Ego Action vs. True Self Action

meet dalia.

Dalia Gencher is a Vedic astrologist, holistic kinesiologist and Sattva Yoga teacher of the Himalayan Yog-Vedantic tradition. The nature and intention of her work is to fulfil the purpose of life: celebration and liberation of the Self. Her background as Vedic Meditator and holistic kinesiologist comes together with these sacred teachings as a comprehensive and integrative practice.